Selected publications and working papers

J1. Lim, S.F.W.T. and Srai, J.S. 2018. Examining the anatomy of last-mile distribution configuration in e-commerce omnichannel retailing: A supply network configuration approach. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 38(9): 1735-1764.

  • 2018 IJOPM Highly Commended Paper [Runner-up for outstanding paper of the year]
  • Harry Boer Best Student Paper at 2016 EurOMA Conference 
  • Editor’s cut (from 00:25:30):

J2. Lim, S.F.W.T., Jin, X. and Srai, J.S. 2018. Consumer driven e-commerce: A literature review, design framework, and research agenda on last-mile logistics models. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 48(3): 308-322.

  • Highly Commended Paper at 2015 International Symposium on Logistics
  • Second most downloaded article in IJPDLM for 2018
  • More than 15,000 downloads since March 2018

Practitioner-oriented Journal

P1. Lim, S.F.W.T. and Winkenbach, M. 2019. Configuring the last-mile in business-to-consumer e-retailing. California Management Review, 61(2): 132-154.

  • 2018 Meritorious Paper, Industrial Logistics Category, by the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

P2. Lim, S.F.W.T., Wang, L. and Srai, J.S. 2017. Wal-Mart’s omni-channel synergy. Supply Chain Management Review, September/October: 30-37.

Invited Monograph

P3. Lim, S.F.W.T., Rabinovich, E., Rogers, D.S. and Laseter, T.M. 2016. Last-mile supply network distribution in omnichannel retailing: A configuration-based typology. Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management,10(1): 1-87. Prof. Charles Corbett (Editor-in-chief).

In-Review/Working Papers

W1. Lim, S.F.W.T., Rabinovich, E., Park, S. and Hwang, M. 2018. Shopping activity at warehouse club stores and its competitive and network-density implications. Revised and resubmitted for 4th round review at Production and Operations Management.

  • Best Applications-oriented Paper at 2019 Annual European Decision Sciences Institute (EDSI) Conference
  • Chris Voss Best Paper at 2018 EurOMA Conference

W2. Lim, S.F.W.T., Richards, T.J., Rabinovich, E. and Choi, M. 2019. [Title removed to protect review process]. Revised and resubmitted for 2nd round review at Management Science.

  • Finalist for Service Science Best Cluster Paper at 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting

W3. Lim, S.F.W.T., Gao, F. and Tan, T.F. 2020. [Title removed to protect review process]. Under review at Management Science.

W4. With Lee, S., Park, S. and Rabinovich, E. 2019. Finding a home for ugly produce: A multiple discrete-continuous choice analysis. In preparation for submission to Management Science.

W5. With Wang, Q. 2020. Where’s my package? Vehicle routing with home delivery attempt predictors.

W6. With Tan, T.F. and Gu, B. 2020. Product returns in omnichannel retailing.

Updated Feb 15, 2020